B Corp 1st Anniversary

5 Jul 2024 Updated By: sx-admin

It’s been a whole year since we achieved our B Corp status! Working relentlessly for over fifteen years on obtaining this certification, we were thrilled to be awarded it. We have been saying for years that the result matters as much as how it is delivered.

This is a certification which we are incredibly proud, but concretely, what does it bring us? Firstly, recognition for our actions and the progress we have made. Secondly, a desire to always do better. Lastly, allows us to exchange and collaborate with other inspiriting companies.

However, are only just getting started and do not intend to stop there. We will continue to work and reinforce our commitments through these main issues:

  • Guarantee health, safety and quality of life at work by supporting employees on the ethical aspect, offer training, share good practices
  • Control the environmental impact by reducing our energy consumption, investing in equipment and new processes, making the most of our waste
  • Buy in an ever more responsible and sustainable way, working with our partner suppliers, reducing packaging
  • Simplify product labels with short ingredient lists, the use of local raw materials as soon as possible, meet the expectations of engaged consumers

Joining the greater B Lab community is an honour but above all a lever that allows us to rise and stay aligned with our deep values.

Learn more about our CSR approach and read our report which is released yearly.

This is just a first step, on which to build for an even more sustainable approach…


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