Autumn & Winter Flavours

17 May 2024 Updated By: lucy

According to market research, the desire for variety and novelty significantly influences sweet bakery consumers. Seasonality serves as a potent tool in meeting these cravings, particularly for the 18 to 34-year-old demographic, where 25% of them consider seasonality a compelling factor when indulging in desserts (Source: Food Insights Report CGA by NIQ).

In light of this consumer trend, it is imperative to ensure that your bakery offerings evolve with the changing seasons. Seasonal menu rotation utilizes seasonal ingredients that appeal to the flavour profile of the time of year. However, other elements such as texture and colour can also be used for implementing seasonality. There are four key seasonal opportunities throughout the year; Spring Menu, Summer Refresh, Autumn Menu and lastly Christmas Refresh.

Taking the current Autumn/Winter season as an example: by incorporating seasonal ingredients and embracing the warm, earthy colour tones of colder days, you can capture your customers’ interest and, in turn, boost sales. A substantial 61% of consumers express a preference for a seasonal dessert menu over a static, unchanging one.

So, what exactly are customers seeking in an Autumn/Winter-inspired menu? It’s all about a gradual return to cozier, more comforting flavors, with a shift away from vibrant colours in favour of a heightened sense of indulgence. The primary flavour profiles that resonate during this season are sweet, warm, and spicy Tastewise data shows.

In contrast to the Spring/Summer season, we notice a more pronounced emphasis on preferences like “Coziness,” “Tradition,” and “Celebration.” As dark nights arrive, the focus shifts toward prioritizing the positive impact of food and drink-led experiences on emotions, with a heightened emphasis on indulgence and comfort. Due to key celebration occasions, this time of the year also shows a willingness among consumers to elevate their consumption to a premium level both regarding the quality of food and quality of the experience.

Consumers are looking at preparation methods of desserts, with on-trend ones including “Baked,” “Roasted,” and “Frosted.” All of these are classic preparation methods expected for this time of year. It indicates greater expectations regarding the amount of effort that went into the dish, therefore highlighting the need for more sophisticated profiles.

Desirable textures this season include “Soft,” “Crispy,” “Creamy,” “Crumbly,” and “Sticky.” These texture-related consumer preferences strongly align with the Autumn/Winter season. Consumers are seeking heart-warming indulgence in these colder months, as spending a lot more time indoors.

In summary, embracing the essence of Autumn/Winter in your bakery offerings is a surefire way to attract and engage your customers. By infusing your menu with the right seasonal markers (from flavours to textures), you’re not only satisfying their cravings for something new and exciting but also tapping into the irresistible allure of sweet, warm, and spicy flavors that the end of the year brings.



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