23 Feb 2024 Updated By: lucy

The end of January doesn’t necessarily mean an end to Veganuary.

The Veganuary 2022 Survey Results showed 83% of Veganuary 2022 participants plan permanent diet change. This means year round there is a customer base, hungry for vegan options.

At Mademoiselle Desserts 16% of the range is made of plant-based products. That’s 14 different products to choose from. Featuring our unmissable Speculoos Cheesecake, brilliant Bakewell Tart and tangy Chocolate Orange Cake.

At The Handmade Cake Company 21% of the range is made of plant-based products. That’s 18 different products to choose from. Choose from our sumptuous Sultana Scones, moreish Red Velvet Mini Cakes and not forgetting delectable Chocolate Fudge Cake.

The recent, sustained growth in the use of more positively perceived and inclusive terms such as “Plant-Based”, is a sign that vegan-diets are becoming more mainstream.

All our vegan products don’t compromise on flavour or appearance. Guaranteed to delight all customers; not just those with specific dietary requirement

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