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Our CSR Policy


Committed to a proactive approach for 15 years, Mademoiselle Desserts obtained B Corp certification in April 2022. 100% of the group's scope (France, England and the Netherlands) obtains this label. We have been saying for years that the result matters as much as how it is delivered. The group confirmed its commitment and updated its statutes further formalizing its desire to generate a positive impact on Society and the Environment.

It has become urgent to accelerate the movement towards a more inclusive, contributory and regenerative economy! B Corp™ is an international community of impact companies, a free and accessible impact management and measurement tool for all. It is also an extremely demanding and difficult to obtain label that certifies companies that meet the highest social and environmental standards.

Mademoiselle Desserts continues its work and reinforces its commitments through the main issues:

  • Guarantee health, safety and quality of life at work by supporting employees on the ethical aspect, offer training, share good practices...
  • Control the environmental impact by reducing our energy consumption, investing in equipment and new processes, making the most of our waste, etc.
  • Buy in an ever more responsible and sustainable way, working with our partner suppliers, reducing packaging ...
  • Simplify product labels with short ingredient lists, the use of local raw materials as soon as possible, meet the expectations of engaged consumers....

For more information : https://bcorporation.eu/

Ensuring Our Economic Sustainability:

More than 1% of our turnover is reinvested in the research and development of new products. We develop a phenomenal number of new products across our three UK sites each year. Some highlights from 2019 include a Chocolate Orange Jaffa Pudding, a Vegan Chocolate Salted Caramelised Biscuit Cheesecake and a range of layered flapjacks.


Environmental Preservation:

We aim to reduce the negative impact of our operations on the environment and encourages our suppliers and carriers to do the same. To this end, we make an effort to prevent all forms of pollution, to limit waste production, to encourage recycling and to reduce our consumption of water and energy. We are committed to the gradual inclusion of environmental requirements in our purchasing data.

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A Responsible Employer: 

Neither we nor the companies we work with engage in any unfair commercial practices. We implement preventative measures and, if necessary, enforce sanctions when corruption or conflicts of interest occur, particularly with respect to suppliers.

In the interest of establishing long-term business relationships with our providers, all of our stakeholders are required to carry out their operations with integrity and impartiality, taking care to respect confidential information.

Our Impact on Society and our Local Bias:

Conscious of our impact on the environment, local operations, suppliers and service providers, we are committed to upholding and making public our Responsible Purchasing charter.

The charter summarises our commitments with respect to ISO 26000 in the following areas: responsible behaviour, relations with other organisations, prevention of child labour and anti-corruption policies.

Our companies play a major role in regional development and often help to maintain economic activity in rural areas. We have developed partnerships with local associations - food banks, the Restos du cœur initiative, the telethon, and the Northampton Hope Centre in England, among others.


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Using high-quality ingredients and simple recipes, our products reflect our commitment to great taste and corporate responsibility.


Simplicity, provenance and nutritional content are important factors to consumers when buying food. In 2017, Mademoiselle Desserts launched its Clean M program in a continued effort to earn consumer trust, to make our products more appealing, and to ensure transparency with respect to information, our recipes and our industrial processes.

Our aim is to reduce, as far as possible, the number of ingredients in our products by eliminating emulsifiers, preservatives, and artificial dyes and flavours. This is an ongoing project for our Research and Development teams.

In parallel to this initiative, we closely monitor the sourcing of raw materials and the quality of our ingredients. Our Purchasing and Sustainable Development teams play an essential role in all of this, in particular by carrying out a social responsibility assessment for suppliers as well as conducting research into the shortest possible supply chains.

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