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Traybakes Sans Gluten

Gluten Free Traybakes

Our gluten free traybakes are just as tasty as our original range and they've won multiple Great Taste Awards to prove it. Like all our gluten free cakes, our traybakes are baked in a segregated gluten free bakery and are licenced by Coeliac UK.

Discover our selection :

Gluten free Caramel Shortcake

Gluten free Caramel Shortcake HMC

A gluten free version of our best-seller! Our own caramel sandwiched between a gluten free shortcake base and rich Belgian milk chocolate.

Gluten free Chocolate Brownie

Gluten free Chocolate Brownie HMC

A smooth and indulgent gluten free chocolate fudge brownie, made with 26% dark chocolate.

Gluten free Lemon Drizzle

Gluten free Lemon Drizzle slice HMC

A gluten free lemon sponge with nibbed sugar, drizzled with lemon syrup and decorated with lemon icing.

Gluten free Pecan and Walnut slice

Gluten free Pecan and Walnut slice HMC

A crunchy gluten free shortcake base with gooey treacle caramel topping, embedded with chopped walnuts and pecan halves. Also great served warm as a dessert!