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Les fonds

Pastry Bases

Sweet tarts shells, puff pastry, tarts doughs... Traditional recipes give our artisan products their authentic taste. Enjoy complete creative freedom with a selection of all butter or margarine pastry bases.

Discover our selection :

Fonds feuilletés

Ready-to-fill puff pastry bases

Our puff pastry bases come in differents sizes, shapes and recipes. All butter or magarine.

Plaque mille-feuilles

Mille-feuilles sheets

Puff pastry sheets, docked or undocked, all butter or margarine, depending on your needs.

Fonds sucrés

Ready-to-fill dessert pastry shells

Looking to make fruit- or cream-based mini-tarts or tarts?  Discover our range of pastry shells: round for a traditional look or square for a touch of whimsy!

Fonds sucrés semi-garnis

Partially-filled sweet pastry shells

Quick and easy to use, these partially-filled pastry shells stay perfectly crisp! Be creative with toppings and serve!

Fonds brisés

Ready-to-fill tart shells

Looking for products to suit all of your needs? Start with these savoury pastry shells for quiches and sweet shells for
mini-tarts or tarts.