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Savoury to sweet, we offer a range of scones to cater for all requirements including individually wrapped gluten-free.

Discover our selection :

Gluten free sultana scone

Gluten free sultana scone HMC

We did it! A tasty gluten free scone, packed full of juicy sultanas, individually wrapped to avoid contamination from other gluten containing cakes and scones. Egg glazed.

Sultana scones (available large)

Sultana scones (available large) HMC

Individually baked scones with juicy sultanas mixed in, glazed with egg for a golden brown top.

Large plain scone

Large plain scone HMC

The same recipe as our Sultana Scones, without the sultanas! A large, versatile scone for sweet or savoury fillings. Egg glazed.

Large cheese scone

Large cheese scone HMC

Large savoury scones with Red Leicester and Mature Cheddar Cheese, and a hint of cayenne pepper.