• Bandeau
Bandes et feuilles

Pastry strips and sheets

Desserts preparation essentials that will make your recipes shine.

Discover our selection :

Bande charlotte

Charlotte sponge

Our charlotte sponge strips follow a traditional recipe to the letter. Prepared using fresh eggs (minimum 30%), the result is a soft pastry with a delicate honeycomb structure. Strips are dusted with icing sugar for an authentic finish.

Feuilles joconde

Joconde sponge sheet

Opera cakes made it easy with joconde sponge sheets. 

Feuilles génoise

Genoise sponge sheets

Crafted by expert pastry chefs using traditional egg-based recipes, our sheets will add structure, smoothness and flavour to your creations. Available at room temperature or frozen.

Biscuits fondants

Sponge sheets

Charlotte sponge, coconut dacquoise sponge, pistachio miserable sponge... Be original with this range of sheets!

Feuilles sérigraphiées

Decorated joconde sponge sheets

Freedom at last! With our various designs of decorated joconde sponge sheets, let your imagination run wild as you create and personalize your desserts. Our gourmet sponge sheets add a flourish to the surface of your cakes for a more elegant and generous finish.