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Produits Festifs

Seasonal products

Mademoiselle Desserts accompanies you during the holidays throughout the year: Epiphany, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter .... Desserts for every occasion!

Discover our selection :

Galettes frangipane

Frangipane galettes

The classic version with an all butter puff pastry filled with a delicious and creamy frangipane or the premium version with it's almond cream with 100% intense flavour ground almonds. 

Galettes divers parfums

Flavoured galettes

Variations are possible with our galette: chocolate, brownie, nougat raspberry... Just ask us!

Bûches pâtissières

Mousse yule logs

Our  yule logs with mousse or cream, baked in unique shapes and sophisticated flavours. With crunchy and soft textures. We offer the best sellers selected by our consumers: chocolate, caramel, red berries or exotic fruits.

Bûches crème beurre

Buttercream Yule logs

Consumers love these authentic Christmas yule logs. Available in a range of traditional flavours - chocolate, praline, coffee, vanilla or Grand Marnier. Decorated with bursts of colour. 

Kits Coeur

Heart kit

Let your imagination go wild with these heart shaped kits. Available in different sizes.

Feuille d'Amour

Layers of love

Layer of love: The crunchiness of aerated puff pastry, combined with a rich layer of vanilla flavoured cream and a pastel pink fondant sprinkle with pink chocolate hearts.

Kits coeur charlotte

Charlotte heart kits

A charlotte heart kit made with the original charlotte recipe, at least 30% fresh eggs and dusted with icing sugar for an authentic finish. 

Sweet Poppy à partager

Sweet Poppy - For sharing

Sweet poppy: a dessert with mascarpone, raspberry and blackurrant. Elegantly decorated with a poppy design.

Kits sweet poppy

Sweet poppy kits

This sweet poppy kit has a simple recipe: the almond biscuit is made with flour, sugar, ground almonds, egg white and egg yolk. An exclusive design with colours chosen to minimise the use of colourings. 

Sweet poppy

Sweet poppy

Sweet poppy: a single serve dessert with mascarpone, raspberry and blackurrant. Elegantly decorated with a poppy design.