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For more than 30 years, Mademoiselle Desserts has offered its customers an  increasingly expanding range of high-quality, private label frozen products.

With its two commercial brands - Oh Oui! and The Handmake Cake Company - the group continues to expand and is committed to providing consumers with a truly gourmet experience.


Mademoiselle Desserts

Mademoiselle Desserts strives to be a benchmark in providing bakery product solutions for professionals. Our clients include some of the major players of mass retail and out-of-home catering, both in the UK and abroad.

We offer a wide range of products including round cakes, traybakes, cheesecake, hot puddings, tarts, sweet pies, choux, cookie dough and scones. These traditional recipes are prepared by our skilled bakers in line with market trends and consumer needs.

Our CLEAN M program takes into account the expectations and requirements of our clients and consumers in creating products that reflect our values of great taste and corporate responsibility. The ingredients we use are carefully selected in an effort to reduce the number of additives in our products as much as possible. Our raw materials are sourced, wherever possible, from local suppliers and through responsible supply chains. We are in the process of assessing our suppliers’ CSR standards.

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Oh Oui !

In 2017, Mademoiselle Desserts launched its Oh Oui! brand in response to a growing trend in the market for snack products.

“I'd really like to enjoy a high-quality pastry on my work break, but there's nothing currently available on the market". Many consumers have experienced this. At Mademoiselle Desserts we love fine pastry, which is why we decided to create Oh Oui!

The Oh Oui! brand consists of four product lines to satisfy every craving, each of which is colour-coded: orange for tart-tasting products, red for traditional products, purple for products containing chocolate, and blue for dietary products like gluten-free bars.

Our Oh Oui! brand offers the kind of quality you might expect to find in an artisanal bakery. Using only the finest ingredients, our pastry expertise and a unique creative touch, we have a reputation for "Making each dessert a truly gourmet experience."

Discover all of the Oh Oui! line of products at : http://www.ohoui.com


The Handmade Cake Company

The Handmade Cake Company is a Mademoiselle Desserts brand that is known for its handmade cakes made using traditional recipes. Our line of traybakes, loaf cakes, scones and packaged bars was created for coffee shops and restaurants in the UK and for export abroad.

Located at our ‘AA grade’ BRC certified Bakery in Berkshire, the Handmake Cake Company has won 46 Great Taste Awards in the last 15 years, including 10 for gluten free products such as our Gluten Free Carrot Cake, Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake, Gluten Free Cappuccino Cake and Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie. With a certified gluten-free facility in operation since 2013 and an NPD team working to expand its broad range of gourmet products, The Handmade Cake Company is at the centre of a rapidly growing market.

Check out all of our HMCC products at : https://www.handmadecake.co.uk/

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